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Live One to One Training

Save money on accommodation and fuel

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Learn from the comfort of your own home or workshop

How it works
How it works

You will need to be able to connect to the internet.


We send you a link to log on to Zoom

We teach you live, if you have any questions we are there for you.

Its as simple as that ;-) 

We have 3 Options for the Live Learning
Option 1 - Machine & Course Package

With this option you get a brand new industrial machine sent to your address, followed by a live machine set up session. We then arrange the date for you to have everything ready to start your live one to one 5 day course. Full support after the course.

Option 2 - Full Week Course

With this option we will set a date to do the course in 5 days. Again, live one to one training. Full support after the course.

Option 3 - As and When package

This package is designed for people who dont have a week to do the course straight away. You might want to do it in stages so we will teach you each stage and then you go and do it and come back when you are ready for the next stage. This course is charged in stages.

The price of this course will depend on which course you decide to do. Contact us below for details.

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