Removing Basting Tape Gum

How to remove the gum left from the basting tape

Removing Gum build up on your needle

If you are using basting tape you will definitely get a build up of the gum from the tape on your needle if you are sewing certain types of material, it cant be helped.

You dont seem to get such a build up when using heavier fabrics as the fabric clears the gum from the needle as you are sewing.

Keep your eye out for it and clean it off as soon as possible . It could cause you problems with your stitches if it catches the thread.

You can clean the gum off with something such as an Isopropanol (see below)

Cleaning the Gum off a Vinyl window

If you have gum on your vinyl window such as on a cover or soft top we have found that using the Auto Glym Tar Remover is brilliant. Any type of adhesive remover should be ok to use but try it first just incase.