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Which one should you use ?

One of the questions we get asked from our students is why do we need to worry about the thread ?

It is important to use the correct thread so that you can produce work that you can be confident will last. Your reputation will soon be ruined if your work falls apart or the stitching colour fades after being out there in the elements .

Qualities to look for in the thread you use are...

  • Strength

  • Resists moisture

  • Resists mildew

  • Does not fray

  • UV resistant

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Resistant to needle heat

  • Colour does not fade

There are a few threads out there. Some really expensive and some that would be the minimum you would use.

Here are some we recommend

Serabond Bonded Polyester thread #92 - this is a heavy duty thread, Uv resistant easy to use on most machines. not too expensive and has a good choice of colours.

GORE® TENARA® - resists UV sunlight, resists saltwater, chemicals and acid rain. Brilliant in extreme weather. Brilliant for all outdoor applications. Its not cheap though !

Tenara Thread PDF
Download PDF • 593KB

Anti wick thread V207 - High strength, low stretch, resistant to mildew, abrasion and UV, resistant to needle heat.

Terko Thread - is a polyester and cotton thread. The cotton content helps to seal seam holes. This is a high strength thread with a good abrasion and UV resistance.

Dabond - Dual level lubricated finish for needle heat protection and smooth sewing

  • Excellent bleach, mildew and rot resistance

  • The industry standard for sail making and other outdoor and marine applications

  • “Z” Left Twist, suitable for single needle high speed industrial sewing machine

  • Bonded and lubricated for resistance to needle heat

  • Anti-wick combines superior sewability and a permanent additive that blocks water migrating through seams

  • A variety of colours to choose from, including black, white, navy, marine blue, silver grey, beige, forest green, red, etc.

Tenara - For marine and outdoor products. GORE™ TENERA® Sewing Thread is the versatile, high performance choice:

  • Designed for high speed sewing

  • Many colour options available

  • Will not fade, stain or discolour

  • Easy to clean

So to sum up then, don't lose your reputation by using a cheap thread. You can buy a quality thread from around £15 a cop.

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