This is a pattern template for you to download and cut out. You can then use it to make all your covers for your T6 headrests as they dont have a removable cover.


We have some links below to help you out as to what to use in the way of materials. 


Black Velcro 

Vinyl/Faux Leather

Industrial Sewing machine Thread


Printer Paper



VW T6 Headrest Template

  • Once payment is received you will receive a link.

    Click on the link and it should take you to the download page

    Print off all pages with size A4

    Tape together the 4 pieces and cut round the individual bits (3 in total) a middle and 2 sides

    You can now either use the paper ones or transfer these to cardboard or plywood for a longer lasting template

    All pieces have lines as a reference point as to where they all meet each other for sewing.

    The seam allowance we have worked on is 8mm

    We have used a velcro when designing the template but you can use any fastening you like (just make allowances)

    If you have any questions please contact us

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