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'The Masterclass' - 10 day Course

Students first upholstery job
boat cover in black with windows

'The Masterclass' Course - 10 days


Price - £1950

The Ultimate Marine Course !

This is an intense course and you will learn a lot.​

When you leave the course you will have the knowledge to start your own business. You just need to go away and practice...

Also included...the business set up part. Get some ideas on what to do next if you are learning this to start your own business. 

Course Description:

Please Note .......This Course Runs Monday to Friday on both weeks. NOT on the weekend in between.

Introducing the Ultimate Marine Course! This course focuses on Marine Upholstery & Covers and is designed to provide you with extensive knowledge and skills in this field. This intense course will equip you with the necessary expertise.

During the course, you will cover various topics such as planning & preparation, materials & tools, windows, fastenings, different seams, machine usage, advanced skills, and troubleshooting. Additionally, we provide guidance on setting up your own business if that's your goal.

Here's a breakdown of the course content:

Boat Covers: Learn the art of designing and creating high-quality boat covers. You'll explore different cover types, including cockpit enclosures, cabin enclosures, and winter covers. The module covers materials, measurements, patterning, cutting, sewing techniques, and finishing touches to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection for any vessel.

Boat Upholstery: Focus on boat upholstery, including seat cushions, berth mattresses, headliners, and other interior elements. Discover how to select suitable marine-grade materials, master upholstery techniques, and create custom-fit upholstery that enhances comfort and appearance. 

Business Start-up Course: In addition to technical skills, this masterclass includes guidance on starting your own marine upholstery and cover manufacturing business. Topics covered include market research, social media, pricing strategies, marketing and promotion, client management, and financial management.

During this course, you'll gain the knowledge & confidence necessary to excel in marine upholstery and cover manufacturing. Practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises will help you apply your skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Upon completing the course successfully, you'll be ready to put your skills into practice. Whether you aim to enter the marine covers and upholstery industry, updating your own boat or starting your own business we are committed to supporting you beyond the course.

Join us for this comprehensive and friendly course where you'll unlock your potential to create beautiful and functional boat covers, enclosures, biminis, spray hoods, and upholstery while building a successful business!



Accommodation is not provided, but there are many B&Bs in Wimborne within a 10-minute walk of the workshop. You can find options on and Airbnb. Travelodges and Premier Inns are also available within a 30-minute drive.

Course materials, tea, and coffee are included. You'll need to bring your own lunch, but there are nearby places to buy food, including a snack van that visits Monday to Friday and offers hot and cold options.


When you leave the course remember we are still here to support you. We dont just take your money and leave you to it!

I took a marine canvas and upholstery course with Sam, with the intention of using my learned knowledge to start my own business. The course was informative and thorough. The course covered all the details that I would run into. Sam was extremely knowledgeable and has been wonderful in answering any questions I have had since finishing the course. A very enjoyable 2 weeks. Wish I could take it again.
                                    Natalie - Canada

the masterclass upholstery
an enclosure cover

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